My Open Love Letter

What is love? Some may ask.. I believe that love is what shines in the presence of pain.  I believe that love has no bias, regardless of reciprocation love remains.  I don’t believe that love is blind, it is all seeing.  It’s the ugly truths and the pretty lies.  It’s what you do, not what […]

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Don’t risk it all for a moment.

Hurt people, hurt people. We’ve all heard it before. And I’m sure we all have been guilty of it, at least once in our lives. I know I have, more times than I’d like to admit. But, it’s something about seeing someone, completely unrelated to your situation retaliate in such spite that makes you realize […]

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Atlanta poet and music artist, Opynmic, sits down with Chenayle Deon and talks about new album “Retro Blacks”. Opynmic, originally from South Carolina, is an up and coming poet and music artist in the Atlanta metro-area.  He has performed at numerous open mics and spoken word venues throughout the Atlanta region. Connect with him on Instagram […]